Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Squirrel Becomes a Toad

Our RVing world just got alot bigger! For the first time ever, we're pulling a "toad" (aka towed vehicle).

This afternoon we loaded up Bullwinkle and headed to Petaluma to meet up with our trusty Jeep Rocky, which we dropped off there Wednesday night. A few hours later Rocky and Bullwinkle were set up for towing, and we passed our hitching and unhitching orientation. (There's lots to do!) It's a pretty gnarly looking setup, don't you think?

For our first towing adventure, we headed for the Petaluma KOA. Total towing distance to the yellow and red teepee: less than 5 miles. Rocky followed Bullwinkle like a good little toad. In no time, we had the Jeep unhitched and moose setup. Then, we made good use of our toad and headed off to the grocery store. We think we're going to really love having Rocky along on our trips.

So far, so good.

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