Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to the Delta

According to Bay Area lore, "rainy season" starts on Halloween and lasts until Tax Day. This year, the rain arrived right on schedule, with the area's first major storm forecasted for Halloween weekend.

We opted to celebrate this change of season at our new "home campground", the Stockton Delta KOA. With a 100% probability of rain, we loaded up DVDs, chili fixins, an extra quilt and the cats for what we hoped would be a wet but cozy camping weekend.

All was dry for our Friday afternoon drive. We arrived in time to enjoy a cocktail by the fire on our patio. (That's it behind the raindrops in the pic.) As our dinner preparations got underway, the rain began to fall. We slept to the pitter patter of raindrops on our fiberglass roof. (We highly recommend that!) This morning, a brief but welcome break in the rain gave us an opportunity to go for a long walk around the campground, which is significantly quieter than it was when we visited earlier this month.

P loaded chili fixins into the crockpot and we settled in for a long lazy afternoon of movies, reading, surfing and a little college football while rain continued to pitter patter on the roof. The aroma of simmering chili added extra comfort to the cozy day.

The cats have done great on this trip. They definitely recognized Bullwinkle as a place they've been before. And, they settled in quickly. They are a couple of camping kitties!

Besides the made-to-order wet weekend, we had a dream come true when we pulled Bullwinkle up to the pump on our way here Friday afternoon. Gas was just $2.79 a gallon. (M had to take a picture!)

This is some kind of record for us. When we bought the moose back in June, our first fill-up cost us $4.58 a gallon!


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