Friday, November 21, 2008


Seems we've gone from one Winnebago-Itasca Travelers group rally to another. We're here at the River Run RV Park in Bakersfield, camped out for a one night layover on our way to Palm Springs. On check-in we spotted many Winnebagos and one sign identifying them all as The Fresno Floaters. We'll have to wander by and say hi before we head out tomorrow morning.

We retraced last weekend's trip to Santa Nella, then kept heading south on I-5. We passed a couple of notable spots along the highway that brought back fond memories of our inspirational last day of our trip to the big ditch and back this Spring. We lunched at the rest stop where we met the inspiring fulltimers in April, and we made the same gas stop where we chatted with the young couple who were inspired by us to consider a vacation trip in a rented RV. Wonder if they ever did that.

Along the way south on I-5, we saw several groups of fire trucks heading north: a couple dozen in all. They looked to us like they were on their way back home after fighting the latest wildfires in Southern California. We spotted trucks from Forestville, Cal Fire and (we think) San Francisco. What a journey they've been on!

Our journey was just 273 miles today, landing in Bakersfield in time to catch a bit of Friday afternoon rush hour and get settled in to our cozy pull-through site before dark. This is a relatively new park that seems very nice. Of course, we won't be here too long. We have many miles to travel yet tomorrow.

Our feline traveling buddies did absolutely great today. It took about 200 miles before our boy kitty decided to stop crying and settle down. Once we setup "camp" they made a bee-line for the bed and took a quick cat nap. These two are accustomed to sleeping about 20 hours a day. And, today, they suffered a serious shortage.

Hopefully, they'll catch up tomorrow!

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