Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Homecoming

After a lovely evening in Visalia featuring a cocktail by the campfire followed by a yummy dinner of Thanksgiving leftovers and a good night's sleep, we were up early to find our campground enveloped in fog. The San Joaquin Valley was under a dense fog advisory until 11AM, so an early departure was not to be. Letting Mother Nature set the pace for the day, we enjoyed a very leisurely morning. With just 200 miles to go, we were in no hurry to rush our last day of the trip.

We were ready to go by 11, but the fog continued to linger. The advisory was extended until 1PM. By noon we decided things were clear enough to give it a go. We were in and out of fog until we were just about halfway home. Then, we hit crazy California holiday traffic. Ugh.

It was after 4PM when we pulled Bullwinkle into his storage spot. With the moose secure, we loaded everything and everyone into the Jeep and joined more holiday travelers for the last leg of the trip.

Now, the four of us are back at our "big house". We're happy to be home, but sad for this adventure to be over. Already we're looking forward to the next.

P.S. We'll post a pic when we get the camera unpacked. And, just for our friends Gordon and Juanita I'll find a picture of the both of us!

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