Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Desert Rain

Sometime in the night rain came to the desert. It provided us a wonderful sound to sleep to, and the very parched land around here a well-needed drink. Today we had a few brief sprinkles here and there. Most of the day the sun peeked in and out of dramatic cloud formations in the sky. Gorgeous!

We postponed geocaching plans and opted to head out to pick up a few things we needed for the RV. We've had it for months, but we're still moving in! We also picked up a few last minute items for our holiday meal at the grocery store. One of the things we love about road trips is checking out local groceries. They're all better than what we have at home!

We took advantage of a sun break and went for a late afternoon bike ride. It's very flat here, so the riding is easy! We enjoyed the views along the way, which included a rainbow above the hills. I wish I'd taken my camera along. When will I learn that some of the best views show up on bike rides?

P took on several tasks dealing with tanks today. Besides dumping our holding tanks, which is one of his favorite chores, he sanitized our fresh water tank. That was a first for us. We hardly ever use that tank, actually. When we thought about the fact that we were still carrying water we got at the dealership, we dug out our manual and learned how to make the tank sparkly and fresh. The process is easy enough, but it involves bleach and filling and emptying a 78-gallon water tank a couple of times. That takes time, of course. And, for a brief while Bullwinkle smelled like a hospital.

With all this work behind us, we're ready for a holiday!

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