Monday, November 24, 2008

Shadow Hills

We're pleased to report that we are all rested, refreshed and recovered from our two days on the road. We spent yesterday lounging about our place at the Shadow Hills RV Resort and enjoying the view. With clear blue skies and the temperature reaching just past 80 degrees, it was a perfect day to do just that.

Today our agenda was to get out and explore a bit. So, the first item of business for the day was to get some wheels. With reservations for a plain vanilla "intermediate", we were prepared to spend the next few days in a Chevy Malibu or such. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) We arrived at the rental car place to discover no intermediates were available, but they'd be happy to give us a convertible for the same price.


We hit the road for lunch and a bit of poking around the Coachella Valley. We stopped by a couple of real tourist havens - Lowe's and Ralph's. Our rolling home was in need of a minor repair and food. So, these were our "must dos" for today. But, we we're running errands in Palm Springs on a warm November afternoon in a convertible, so you won't hear us complaining!

So far, we like it here. And, there's alot to like. Besides the fact that it's sunny and warm in November, we feel very young here! Just about everyone we passed by this afternoon was older than us. And, they all looked like they just stepped off a golf course. And, chances are they did. There are about a billion golf courses in the vicinity, so there could be hundreds of billions of golfers. Passing through Rancho Mirage this afternoon, we noticed signs everywhere that make special accommodations for these senior golfers:

Next time we come here, maybe we'll skip the convertible and just rent a cart.

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Dana said...

A mustang convet . . . last time you upgraded to a convert didn't you come back and buy one....(Maui and the Jeep!). If you didn't already have two converts I'd say Mary will be trading in the BMW for a mustang, but with the VW and the Jeep . . . not likely.

I hope you get an opportunity to make it to the Palmbo (my mother calls Palm Springs "Palmbo") ariel tram.

Have fun!