Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

With the dawn of the holiday, the desert rains gave way to another day of dramatic clouds. What a treat! We took advantage of the sun and temps near 80 to get out and move before our holiday feast. P went for a big run and I walked the same route. With our exercise behind us, we went to work on our Thanksgiving dinner.

Creating a holiday meal in a teeny tiny kitchen could be a challenge. Somehow, we made it work. It helped that P cooked our turkey on the grill outside.

He wasn't sure how this would all work on our portable propane grill. But, P's a Weber master! Our main entree was in good hands.

Voila! A couple of hours later the bird was done. Looks good doesn't it?

Here's proof that we pulled it all together in our little movable kitchen. It was even tastier than it looks. And, for that, we gave thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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