Friday, August 21, 2009


We have arrived safely at Bear Canyon Campground in Bozeman. (Check out the view from the place!) We drove all day, and, yes, we're still in Montana! We covered 276 miles between Polson and Bozeman. The first 60 miles took more than 90 minutes as we traversed the dreaded road construction between Polson and Missoula. Bullwinkle made it through the multiple pavement endings like a champ. (Thanks, Paul!)

The rest of the trip was uneventful, thankfully, until we pulled off I-90 at the exit to our campground for the night. We were greeted with this very low entry. Its stated height is 13-feet, 3 inches. While we aren't sure exactly how tall Bullwinkle is, that was close! Applying road weary logic, we figured no campground featuring big rig sites would have an entrance that big rigs couldn't clear. Right? So, I jumped outside and watched our satellite antenna pass under that low hanging log by just a couple of inches. (Whew!)

The temperature was over 90 when we pulled into our cozy little site for the night. These sites are long, but not very wide!

Depending on your point of view, Rocky is looking especially gnarly or grungy. Those miles without pavement piled on some serious dirt. With our long pull-through site, there was no need to unhook the squirrel. That'll make for a quick getaway tomorrow.

Our last night in Big Sky Country did not disappoint. The sunset view from the campground was magnificent. We so wanted those distance rains to come our way. The moose and squirrel really need baths! The oh so few drops that did fall didn't do the trick.

With the air conditioner humming, we're all settled in for an early night. After two weeks in one place, our long day on the road was exhausting.

Tomorrow we'll get back on the road early and head to Wyoming. Many thanks to the great state of Montana. We'll definitely be back!

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