Saturday, August 22, 2009


The word of the day is "vast". That's how we can best describe Wyoming. There's a heck of a lot of space out here! We covered 346 miles today, which is a lot when you're driving a motorhome and pulling a Jeep across Wyoming. Thankfully, the miles were uneventful until, once again, we neared our destination for the night in the not-so-booming metropolis of Kaycee.

We followed the signs off the freeway to Powder River RV Park. When we made a turn into "downtown" Kaycee the pavement came to an end and was replaced with narrow (and we mean NARROW) temporary lanes bound by tall orange pylons. With one half mile to go to our destination we saw a large "road closed" sign. Just beyond the sign there was a mini-Sturgis motorcycle gathering underway in the street with bars on either side.

Yep, after logging nearly 350 miles, we were stuck with our moose and squirrel and a bunch of bikers in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.

We made a turn of faith onto a "side street" and tried to suss things out. Paul trekked a potential detour only to discover that things that way went from bad to worse. We placed a second call to the park for help. Upon learning that the man taking my call was at "the other" RV park in town (Apparently this RV baron owns both!), I asked where he was and if he had a space. His answers were "the other side of the highway" and "yes".

Our escape from downtown Kaycee was neither swift nor easy. Getting turned around was relatively simple. But, making the turn back on to the main drag was tight. The placement of the pylons on the rough gravel turned out to be narrower than Bullwinkle is wide. I made my presence known in this tiny town with a loud expletive as I made a hasty exit to extract three of the pylons wedged under the moose.

No, the Kaycee Chamber of Commerce (if there is one) won't be inviting us to speak at their lunch meetings anytime soon!

At last, we made it across the highway to the K.C. RV Park and Cabins. As far as RV parks go, this place left a lot to be desired. But, with 50 amp service and water, we have all that we need for the night.

No wifi and sketchy cell service here. But, where else can you see sheep grazing around your campsite?

After a day of battlefields and bikers, we're looking forward to moving on to Cheyenne tomorrow.

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