Sunday, August 23, 2009

To Cheyenne

The 256 miles from Kaycee to Cheyenne were boring. So boring, in fact, that this non-descript sight south of Casper is the most interesting picture we could find. (Yep, we took pictures!)

We climbed a lot today. Bullwinkle was working hard to tackle 6,000 feet in the heat. Sitting on top of that loud V10 engine, the two of us talked about a diesel pusher in our future! (Actually, we practically had to shout!) Eventually, we coasted into Cheyenne and made our way to the Cheyenne KOA.

The temperature was 100 degrees when we checked in, with storm clouds brewing on the horizon. We kept an eye to the sky (and the radar) and were treated to a lightning show. The worst of the storm passed to the east, thankfully, and the temperature quickly plummeted to the 60s. (I must confess I am no fan of severe weather. But, I'm pleased to report I made it through our first thunderstorm on the road quite calmly.)

After three consecutive travel days, and a forecast for cooler temps and more isolated storms tomorrow, we've decided to stay two nights here and chill out. With nearly 900 miles behind us since leaving Polson, the moose, squirrel, cats and us are all ready for a rest.

We'll head for Denver on Tuesday.

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