Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Salina

After a great night's sleep at the coolest campground ever, we took a stroll to a local diner for very tasty breakfast. Full of biscuits and gravy, we waddled back to the moose to await the arrival of our special passenger for the next leg of our journey. Our grand-niece joined us for the trip to Salina. She helped us get ready to go and made herself comfortable on the sofa.

About two hours later we arrived safely in Salina and enjoyed a nice lunch at Paul's sister's home. Then, we found our way to the Salina KOA. It'll be a fine place to spend the next three nights. But, as expected, it doesn't hold a candle to "our place" in Ellis!

While we're playing in Salina, here's a little quiz for you. Below are two pictures. Both were taken on I-70 between Denver and Salina. One is in Colorado. The other is in Kansas.

Picture #1 - Rolling hills, green grass and plenty of trees. Is it Kansas or Colorado?

Picture #2 - Straight highway, not a tree in sight. Is it Kansas or Colorado?

Which is which?


Happytrails said...

I say Pic #2 is Colorado only because my first instinct was to say #1 was Colorado. LOL I guess I figure this is a trick question.
Don't forget to let us know the answer.
I bet your little passenger is having the time of her life!!

silversport61 said...

I agree #2 is high desert of Colorado. We are sure envious

Bobby Thornbrugh said...

Number one is colorado and two is Kansas .

Anonymous said...

#1 is Kansas
#2 Colorado.