Sunday, August 2, 2009


Our Sunday in Seattle was a warm one. Before things got too toasty, Paul headed out to wash Rocky. He was in desperate need of a bath! I took our sparkling clean Jeep to a nearby quilt shop to pick up my "fabrics of Washington". They look a lot like BC and Oregon. This could be an interesting quilt!

We had a wonderful afternoon at the home of Steve and Maggi, who hosted a barbeque in celebration of Steve's birthday. Paul and Steve have been friends since grade school, and it's been far too long since we've seen these two. It seems like we attended their wedding here just the other day. But, it's been 14 years! It was great to catch up and meet their friends and family.

The afternoon featured great conversation, wonderful food and drink and some fantastic entertainment. We caught some of the aerial acrobats flying around for Sea Fair, Seattle's Summer celebration. But, the featured entertainment was a private backyard concert by future Seattle indie sensation "Scribbles".

These guys have been playing together for about a year. They sounded great! Seattle has a history of being a springboard for some fine garage bands. We have a feeling Scribbles will have a very bright future. And, we'll be able to say we saw them at their very first paying gig!

We enjoyed post-concert birthday cake and delicious dessert. Steve extinguished these flames just in time. Thanks to you both for a wonderful afternoon. It was great to see you. We promise not to let so much time go by before we pass this way again.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the time to visit us. Great to see you both. And Scribles thank you for the national exposure, on the VH1!