Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On to Idaho

With about 320 miles ahead of us today, we were eager to hit the road early. And, thanks to very busy intersection just yards from our sort of sleeping heads, we were up and packing in plenty of time for our departure before 9 AM. Our route out of town worked great, and we were out of the Seattle area in no time. The drive across Washington was quite varied. Just out of Seattle we climbed up and over Snoqualmie pass. With Mt. Rainer fading in our side mirrors, we crossed the flatlands covered with a variety of crops. One road sign highlighted a 16 mile stretch where the crops were labeled. Our midwestern roots helped us on this quiz, as we successfully spotted sweet corn, alfalfa and wheat (of course). In fact, much of Washington looked a lot like Kansas, except there were beautiful mountains in the distance.

We crossed into the Idaho panhandle and quickly arrived in Couer d’Alene, a place we were eager to see and at last learned how to spell. Literally translated, the town name means “Heart of the Awl” in French. We’re not sure what the settlers had in mind with that name, but to us it looks like a beautiful area to explore for a few days.

Our home here for the next three nights is the Blackwell Island RV Park, which is a large park located on the shore of the Spokane River just before it enters Lake Couer d’Alene. (And, best of all, it’s quiet!) After a long day on the road, we look forward to seeing the sites, meeting a friend for lunch and catching up on our blog.


Mac and Netters said...

Have a Great time and tell Jenny Hi for us!

Jenny Johnson said...

Meeting a friend for lunch --- Now isn't that cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everybody is having way too much fun! Only excitement here is we had a real nice celebration of Mary's BIG FIVE OH birthday.

Anonymous said...

I've missed a few of your post, so I'll go back and catch up now. I love reading about your adventures.

Happy Trails,