Friday, August 7, 2009

To Big Sky Country

The rain that has threatened us for the last couple of days here finally arrived overnight. While it made for peaceful sleeping, it made breaking camp a bit more - well - wet. We headed out of Couer d’Alene in the rain (Even in the rain the lake was still beautiful!) and drove in intermittent showers well into Montana.

Gordon, our RVing godfadda, suggested a scenic cutoff on the way to Polson. When the rains cleared, and we had enough of I-90, we decided to go that route. We exited at St. Regis and took two secondary highways up to US 93. We missed Missoula and a lot of road construction this way, but we’re planning to make Missoula a day trip during our stay. This scenic route was beautiful. Two lanes, little traffic and lots of scenery. The clouds were too low for us to see the mountaintops, but everything below the cloud deck was magnificent.

We arrived at our destination in Polson around 4PM. As we were checking in to the Eagle Nest RV Resort for our 10-night stay, we asked if our site would be available for an extra four nights. When the answer was “yes”, we decided to make ours a two-week stay. Why not?

Shortly after we arrived we got a call from our Bay Area friends Rick and Cindy, who have spent the last week or so at their family’s cabin here in Polson. We have so looked forward to meeting up with these dear friends here. They invited us to the cabin to have dinner with the family. When they offered to meet us in town to escort us to the cabin, we knew we were going to a tucked away place. Several miles off the road and through the woods we went to their lovely cabin on the shore of Flathead Lake. It was so good to see Rick and Cindy and meet their family. They were all so curious to hear about our adventures. We enjoyed fun conversation getting everyone caught up.

Rick fired up the grill and soon there was a feast at the table. We enjoyed yummy salmon and tasty sides, including a corn salad that was the talk of the night. We simply must get the recipe! After lots of good food and laughter, it was time to say good night. Rick and his brother graciously led the way through the dark back roads toward the main road. We were so thankful to have our pilot car in front of us. Without it, we likely would have found ourselves camping in the Jeep on a dark rocky road somewhere. Thanks guys!

Our dear friends have much more in store for us tomorrow. We can’t wait to see what there is to see. Meanwhile, we look forward to our first night’s sleep under the big sky. Montana is a new state for Bullwinkle, the cats and Mary. We think we’re going to like it here!


Linda said...

I am beyond jealous. In fact, I think I might hate you. But in spite of that fact, I hope you are having a great time.

bigdawg and mumzilla said...

i agree with linda..i am also very envious..and we do hate know of course we are just kidding..glad you are having a fabulous time..
sue, doug and tucker

Gordon & Juanita said...


Thanks for getting us caught up on your adventures...thought you might have been abducted by aliens.

You are bringing back many fond memories of that wonderful area and we look forward to more.

Paul is beginning to look quite relaxed...priceless!!

Don't forget to check out Huckleberry Hounds near the SW entrance to Glacier NP!!

Stay safe and have fun...

Da Godfadda and Juanita