Sunday, July 12, 2009

Around Bend

Our visit to Bend is quickly coming to a close. It’s been a very fun few days in a great town. We’ve already decided. We could live here!

Here’s a quick recap.

Our stay at the Crown Villa RV Resort has been most pleasant. It’s a lovely, peaceful, well-manicured place that could use a serious wifi upgrade. Bullwinkle looks small (and dirty) compared to most of the big fancy rigs that have come in and out of the neighborhood since we’ve been here. This has been a very convenient location for us to explore Bend. 

The most notable event at Crown Villa was our approach to its entrance. Following our trusty GPS, we were just 1/2-mile away when we saw this ahead of us. 

Look closely. Here’s a piece of vital info. Bullwinkle stands about 13 feet tall. See those bangs and scruffs on the left side of the picture (near the Low Clearance sign)? Had we proceeded, our satellite dish would have definitely left its mark. So, we stopped, unhooked the Jeep and got turned around. With the help of a couple of passerbys from our campground who had made the same wrong turn upon their arrival, we found our way safely around the offending overpass to the park entrance. 

Today was a special day for several reasons. It was the last day of the Bend Summer Festival, a downtown street fair filled with crafts, foods, entertainment and great people watching. We spent the afternoon there with our friend J and her family. And, for a wee bit we felt like locals!

Nothing says Summer quite like a cool Root Beer Ice on a warm day!

And, the title of cutest dog of the day definitely goes to Buffalo!

After the festival, we took a short but scenic hike along the Deschutes River (with the signature bend that gives this town its name) and paid a visit to our friend D and her family, including their brand new addition. Things are pretty busy at their house these days. We were so glad we could stop in for a quick visit and meet the new little one.

Back at J’s lovely home, we enjoyed some down time with some tasty adult beverages and awesome barbeque. It was so great to catch up. They were very curious about our adventures and promised to follow our blog. (And, there you are, guys. Now you're part of the story!) 

Time passed much too quickly, and before long it was time to let J’s family settle in for the night. We headed back to our rolling home to meet two very hungry kitties.

You might be wondering how the cats are adjusting to life on the road. This picture sums it all up. They seem to be pretty darn comfortable.

Tomorrow is a travel day. But, our trip will be very short as we head just an hour or so south to Crescent, which will serve as our base to explore Crater Lake National Park and meet more friends.

Thanks, Bend, for a great few days. We’ll definitely be back.

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D Nelson said...

Very cool you guys hung out with some old Schwabies up there! My mother in law quilt a lot and has been to the sister festival several times....she'd be jealous...I'm Wow, Paul big brownie points to you .... Mary owes you. You should go to Vancouver!!