Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Salt Creek and Joyce

After a few days of toasty sightseeing, we decided to kick back and do basically nothing.

By 10:00 AM the temperature outside was approaching 80. An hour later it was well on its way to 90. We took a walk back up to Salt Creek to enjoy temperatures that were a bit cooler, take a few pictures and pick up a geocache.

The Salt Creek Campground offers incredible views, like this one we snapped from a tent site. This spot is a favorite of friends Linda and Steven, and Deb and Rod had a great experience hosting here last year. We would’ve checked it out, but we opted for full hookups down the street.

We brought the GPS along on this trip and discovered a cache we walked right by when we were here earlier. That makes three finds in far!

Our hike around Salt Creek gave us some wonderful views of Crescent Bay and the beach across from which we are parked. Here’s a look at the mouth of the Bay.

Here’s a (Dare I say?) stunning look at the water, beach, forest, mountain and sky. What’s not to like about Port Angeles?

On the way home, we stopped at a viewpoint. What a view! We met a lovely couple here from central Washington. They were so pleased to be here, beating the heat.

Here’s one last peek at the creek as we headed back to camp.

By the time we got back to Bullwinkle, the winds had shifted in a much more friendly direction and the temperature was back to the mid-70s. Much better!

We decided to head a couple of miles inland for a wifi fix. We had heard to nearby town of Joyce had some wifi to offer. So we checked it out.

We ended up sitting in a unventilated laundromat in Joyce, WA, where the temperature rapidly approached deadly. What a difference a few miles can make.

We took care of our wifi basics and made a beeline back to the water.

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Moose & Squirrel East said...

Just wanted to say hello and happy traveling. Really like your blog set up. Have been followers of Gordon for quite a while and see you met up with him recently. We also are 50 somethings, have a 2008 32H Itasca and G6 and are just starting out as part timers. Once set up we will be Moose & Squirrel East.

Keith & Karen