Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bruceport County Park

After sleeping in most of the morning, then spending much of the afternoon attempting to load Washington maps on our GPS, we rethought our plans for a full day of geocaching. Instead, we headed for nearby Bruceport County Park for a bit of exploring. Along the way, just at the end of Bay Center Dike Road, we found our first Washington cache.

Bruceport County Park is a large park that features a campground with a few full hookup RV sites for $21 per night, (What a bargain!) many attractive tent camping spots, and a half-mile-ish trail to the Willapa Bay shore. It's also home to two caches. We found one that was hidden among the tent sites. The other was elusive, and had us combing the beach and nearby trees.

With a "Did Not Find" at the beach, we appreciated the beauty along the trail along the way back. Many budding berries and flowers lined the path.

Tomorrow we'll travel up the West side of the Olympic Peninsula to Port Angeles, where we are looking forward to exploring Olympic National Park and Victoria, BC.

Stay tuned.

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