Monday, July 27, 2009

Port Angeles

The day after a travel day always seems to be a slow day. And, today was no exception. After a very leisurely morning, we ventured into Port Angeles to see what there is to see.

We sussed out the ferry situation, and look forward to exploring Victoria on Thursday. After perusing downtown PA a bit, we wandered to Maria’s, a new Mexican restaurant that came highly recommended from one of the hosts at our park. This blog isn’t about food, but Maria’s was a delightful surprise. Everything was fresh and very tasty. We were served by the owner, who made the experience extra special. If you’re looking for a fresh quesadilla or burrito served with the healthiest “refried” beans you’ve ever tasted, stop by Maria’s on Lincoln the next time you’re in or around Port Angeles.

The temperature was getting down right toasty in town. So, after lunch we decided to run a couple of quick errands and head back to the water. We wandered to Walmart to pick up a few things. (Two Walmart’s in two days? What’s that about?) With no television at our rolling home, we decided to check out redbox. We rented Gran Torino and made plans for dinner and a movie at home. A quick stop at Safeway and we had everything we needed for the night.

Back at the moose, we were greeted with a significant drop in temperature. With a heat wave forecasted for this week, we’re so glad to be so close to the water. We teamed up to get the bugs off Bullwinkle’s windshield to better enjoy our priceless view. With our chores behind us, we kicked back and read a bit. I finished Lying Awake. (What a great feeling to finish a book!) Paul continued to work on the hefty The World is Flat.

We set out on a “short stroll” before getting ready for dinner. That stroll became a two-mile-plus hike to nearby Salt Creek Recreation Area. We enjoyed a walk above the beach, by a World War II bunker, through the woods and around a campground filled with happy campers. Of course, since we were just going for a stroll, I didn’t take my camera. (When will I learn?) But, we’re sure to return there later in the week for a snap or two.

Back home, we enjoyed dinner with views of another magnificent sunset (through our freshly cleaned windshield), then fired up the DVD and enjoyed the rest of the evening with Clint Eastwood.


bigdawg and mumzilla said...

the life of the fulltimer. day it too will be ours!!!

Victory Stategic Marketing said...

Yes, but did you see any Vampires?