Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mt. Shasta

We're settling in for our second night after an incredibly restful day in this beautiful spot in very Northern California.  

We're staying at the Mt. Shasta KOA, which is a rustic-feeling campground in the shadow of this majestic mountain. It's a nice place, within walking distance of the very quaint little town. Our chief complaint is very spotty wifi.

What did we do today? Well, basically nothing. And, that was absolutely perfect.

Tomorrow morning we're off to Bend, OR.


D Nelson said...

This is so exciting! It was to be with you and send you off. I know you'll keep us all "posted". Be well. -D

Cindy said...

M and P, Such an exciting path you've chosen. We can't wait to hear of your adventures.
Safe travels~
c and r