Monday, July 20, 2009

Gold Beach

Our very leisurely Monday started with Juanita and I making a mid-morning trek to Quilter's Corner, a very lovely quilt shop in Port Orford. Inside we found lots of inspiration, and I chose these four "fat quarters" to represent the state of Oregon. I am on a mission to select bits of fabric from each state we visit. Though I'm not sure exactly what I'll do with this traveling stash, I am pleased at these initial choices.

Our major task for the day was to receive our first bundle of mail. With the help of the good folks at the Port Orford Post Office, which just happens to be right next to Quilter's Corner, we got that job done.

After lunch we headed south on 101 for a scenic drive to Gold Beach, some 30 miles away. With no particular agenda, we decided to simply enjoy the views along the many pullouts on this sunny day. 

While stopped at our first spot, we captured a clear view (see above). Moments later, the fog came in. We played peek-a-boo with the fog all the way to Gold Beach.

Gold Beach is the place where the Roque River meets the sea. It all takes place right here.

As the fog continued to roll up river, a fleet of fishing boats came in from the sea.

It took almost no time at all to see all the sights in Gold Beach, especially in the fog. So, we headed back to the north. Before long, we could see crystal clear Port Orford off in the distance. We just had to make one last picture stop.

While we snapped pics of Port Orford, we met a couple cycling south on 101 on a tandem, pulling a small trailer filled with camping gear. They took the train from their home in Santa Rosa, CA, to Seattle. There they hopped on their bike and started pedaling along the coast toward home. What a way to spend a vacation!

I told Paul he'd better not get any ideas.

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