Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cape Blanco

One of the stops we've been meaning to make all week is a visit to the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, about 10 miles North and West of Port Orford. It's one of those places that is best viewed on a clear day. But, it is a lighthouse. So, by nature, chances are pretty good that the place is enveloped in fog, especially in the summer.

The sun was shining brightly at Port Orford this afternoon. So, we figured it was time to head to the cape. As we approached the lighthouse, a blanket of fast moving fog was moving just above our heads. It made for some interesting views.

In addition to touch and go views, this fast moving fog was accompanied by very brisk winds. It was really chilly out there!

We flashed our National Park Pass for free admission to the lighthouse tour. We climbed the three flights of spiral stairs and a steep ladder to reach the lantern room.

The Cape Blanco Lighthouse is noteworthy for several reasons. It is Oregon's oldest, western-most and highest from the sea lighthouse. It's been a beacon for sailors since about 1870.

With not much to see outside, thanks to the fog, we focused our attention inside to the amazing lens. It's a beautiful work of art.

With the help of this artful lens, the light of this 1,000 watt incandescent bulb can be seen, on a clear night, some 26 miles out to sea.

This is our last night in Port Orford, and the second to the last night for Sue and Doug. Juanita coordinated a cozy pot luck dinner with she and Gordon, Sue and Doug and Paul and me. We started things off with a toast to good friends and safe travels with Linda and Steven's signature blue chouters. Gordon did a fine job of mixing up these tasty cocktails!

A fine dinner and lots of fun conversation followed. Gordon and Juanita gifted us some of their fine Alaskan halibut and salmon. We look forward to having a couple of very special dinners down the road that will remind us of these very special friends and our wonderful first visit to Port Orford. Thanks so much, guys!

Tomorrow, we head up the Oregon coast for an overnight in Lincoln City. Then, it's on to Washington. (On Friday, Sue and Doug head north to Canada, where they have to go to wo...)

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