Sunday, July 19, 2009

Playing in Port Orford

This gorgeous sunny Sunday was one of those days that just calls you out to play. And, we did!

Before indulging ourselves, we did take a few hours to give the moose a bath. It had been awhile, and Bullwinkle was looking pretty scuzzy. So, we teamed up to scrub the moose from top to bottom and back to front. The end result was one very happy moose. (We didn't get a picture. But, we have a feeling somebody else did!)

With our big chore behind us, we headed off for an afternoon of geocaching with Gordon and Juanita, and Doug and Sue. This was Doug and Sue's inaugural geocaching outing. And, it was a good one! We started out with a sure find: a cache that Gordon and Juanita had found earlier this month. That way, we ensured that the newbies (and we) would have encouraging early success. 

Doug made quick work of that cache, then we were off to a cache by the name of "Dead Man" something, which sit high atop a large steep rock on a beach. Doug and Paul climbed the monster with ease, without regard to a brisk breeze. While the rest of us watched from solid ground, these boys made the grab. (Can you see them waving their arms up there?) Once again, the newbie made the find.

Before we knew it, we had bagged five of Port Orford's best caches. The last was snagged by da Godfadda. Then, we called it a day. We had to temper the expectations of the newbies: It's not every day you go five for five! 

Back home, we relaxed a bit, fixed a yummy dinner, logged our finds and decided to make a dash for the sunset. Paradise Point is not too far from here. So, we hopped in the Jeep and within a few minutes we were watching the sun set in the Pacific off the rugged Oregon coast.

It was so gorgeous we hardly noticed the gale force wind. 

With just the right mix of work and play today, we're definitely ready for a good night's sleep, and are eager to see what fun is in store for us tomorrow.


susan said...

had a great day..thanks for sharing the geocaching with us..and yes there is a picture of bullwinkle in the midst of his know where it is!!
have a good night.
bigdawg and mumzilla

Dick & Bev said...

Hi Boris & Natasha,

We have just been introduced (virtually) by Gordon. We met him and Juanita in May up in Island Park, ID. I had to write for 2 reasons, we are looking forward to joining you on the road and we have a 2006 Itasca Suncruiser 37B that we custom ordered. So we are members of the same family even if we haven't joined WIT. We live in Graeagle, CA (between Quincy and Portola on Hwy. 70) Another reason I am writing, is you have a great blog and we will follow you in your travels and we will look forward to meeting "on the road." Tell Gordon & Juanita hi for us.

Dick & Bev Hathaway

Anonymous said...

Hey There, I love your site and put you in my favorites. I surely want to keep up with your trips. We have a Tour and although we don't full time, we spend about 6 to 7 months in our RV after the winter is over.

Happy Trails,