Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lincoln City

We have arrived at the Lincoln Center KOA. This is the view outside our front window. All is well.

Today's journey began at Port Orford RV Village. After a week of lots of fun, and a bit of rest in between, our freshly washed moose was ready to go.

Inside, our boy kitty was looking rather longingly toward the road. Is it possible for kitties to get "hitch itch"?

I think so!

On our way out, Tim gave our propane tank a much needed fill.

While we were filling up, we snapped a quick picture of Sue, Doug and Tucker in front of their pre-fulltiming rig.

We also grabbed a picture of Gordon and Juanita in front of their lovely new rolling home. (Where, oh where, was Bodie?)

With our propane tank full, we finally headed out. Our friends bid us a paparazzi adieu. What a wonderful send off! Thanks for a delightful week, friends! Safe travels to you all!

Our 175-mile trip up the coast was a little bit of stop and go. This is a shot of the "stop" part.

In the spirit of our friends Linda and Steven, we made the trip like lemmings to the sea, with just one off-the-road stop. If you travel the Oregon coast along 101, we recommend you make the trip from North to South. There just aren't many places for a northbound motorhome towing a Jeep to stop. I did my best to get a few quick shots of the coast from a moose on the move.

We made it through the much anticipated tunnel with ease, even with oncoming traffic!

There's nothing like a hairpin turn to keep your concentration sharp.

The sun was shining along the coast on this beautiful day. And, see those white caps down there? That could mean just one thing: It was very windy!

Wind, waves and a curvy highway can make a nice picture on the move.

You think these pictures are for you, dear readers. Not so! They're actually for Paul. With his eye on the winding road, he missed much of the scenery today.

Do we get to cross that bridge? Oh yes!

Here's a very focused driver crossing the bridge.

Yes, we blew through some very lovely spots today: Winchester Bay, Florence, Newport and Depoe Bay, just to name a few. Next time we pass this way, we'll stop and spend more time. But, for now, we'll enjoy a peaceful night at this KOA and prepare ourselves for another day along the coast as we cross into Washington.

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Gordon & Juanita said...


Your drive-by photos are giving me hitch-itch already!!

See, I told you that tunnel would be a piece of cake......

Safe travels friends,

Gordon and Juanita