Saturday, July 11, 2009


There were several great Summer activities to choose from on this sunny Saturday. But, Paul saw this choice in the newspaper and made the pick. And, I happily went along.

As luck would have it, we just happened to be in the area on the second Saturday in July. That's the traditional day for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, which has taken place on this day for the last 34 years. Sisters is a charming town just outside of Bend that I really wanted to see. (I'd heard it has an amazing quilt shop.) To be here on the day of the annual quilt show was some kind of quilting kismet.

This one-day show features some 1,300 quilts of all shapes and sizes displayed throughout the downtown area of this town of 1,700. That's almost one displayed quilt per resident!! These beauties were on display at the local hardware store.

At the vet clinic, the quilts featured - you guessed it - animals. I especially liked the cat quilt on the far right.

The quilts ranged for ordinary to extraordinary. But, they were all beautiful. This one featured the blue and black felt bags that come with fine Canadian whiskey. (The funny thing was, there was another one like this in the show!)

This sampler covered a car. Did this inspire me to work on a cover for Bullwinkle?  Uh, no. Not exactly.

At the Stitchin' Post, the quilt shop I came to see, were some of the Quilters of Gee's Bend, Alabama. They were singing and sharing memories of their lives in the south. The quilt behind them is one of their many beautiful quilts they brought with them.

Here's one side of the Stitchin' Post covered with quilts.

And, for our many quilting friends (you know who you are...Carol, Sandie, Jean, Juanita, etc.) here are a few more shots of the show.

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Quilts, quilts, quilts, everywhere you look.

Of all the quilts we saw today, this one inspired me as a potential next project. We shall see!

Paul gets a big gold star for picking this activity today. I don't think he minded a bit. In fact, I think he actually had a great time. And, me? I get a big gold star for not buying a thing!


Gordon & Juanita said...

Mary, I AM SOOOO JEALOUS!! I have known about the Sisters quilt show for many years, and still have not been able to get there. I can't believe you got there ahead of me. You lucky dog you. Paul gets big time kudos for this. We met Linda and Steven today. What a nice nice couple. Smart, talented, funny. We spent 5 hours with them and it seemed too short. We kinda think you'll like them too. See ya soon, Juanita

Tom and Marci said...

Oh, that looked SO COOL . . . my boys (all 3 of them!)would not have been so good about seeing all those quilts. You should hear the groans I get when I say "There's this quilt shop I want to go to . . ." LOL Very cool -- loving your adventures so far!