Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We left our friends and those monster mosquitos behind in Crescent this morning. After a very hearty breakfast at a very homey place in suburban Crescent (Many thanks to Linda and Steven for that tasty treat.), we headed south toward Crater Lake, then west on a very scenic byway that took us along the Umpqua River. (We really like saying that!) 

We arrived safely at Rising River RV Park in Roseburg, which sits on the bank of said river. We might get out and take a look around when things cool off a bit. Currently, the temperature in Roseburg is a steamy 87 degrees. With Bullwinkle's basement air humming, we might just turn on a TV or two and relax inside. Linda and Steven gifted us with a DVD of their filmmaking talents. So, we'll put that at the top of our evening's entertainment.

Tomorrow we have a leisurely 103-mile drive to Port Orford, where we'll finally get to meet da Godfadda and see his lovely bride.

We can't wait.

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