Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Western Olympic Peninsula

When the plan for a travel day involves a mere 150 miles, that sounds like a pretty easy day. But, when it’s yet another day on scenic Highway 101 along the coast, we knew we were in for quite a drive. And, it didn’t disappoint.

Some six hours after leaving Bay Center, we arrived at the Crescent Beach and RV Park on the western edge of Port Angeles. Our big stops of the day were a quick stop at the Walmart in Aberdeen for a few essentials, and a lunch stop in Forks. (Sorry to disappoint any readers who are fans of Twilight, but we didn’t know we had arrived in the mecca of that saga.) Other than that, our attention was on the road. Although it was less winding than previous days, the road was at times narrow and dotted with the requisite 25 mile per hour small towns. We caught our last glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and headed east, at last, only to see the road narrow for some 15 miles of winding road around Crescent Lake where the speed limit was 35 miles per hour. The lake, however, was beautiful. This time Paul had the pleasure of trying to get a drive by shot.

Our RV park is located just across the road from a beautiful half-mile stretch of beach on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. From here we can see Canada! Bullwinkle is safely wedged into a back-in site with an amazing view. With no cable, satellite or wifi, our communications and entertainment options are a bit limited. But, we’re looking forward to chilling out for the next six nights. We’ll find a wi-fi hotspot when and where we can and post from there.

For now, we’ll kick back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

P.S. Many thanks to Bay Center neighbors Pauline and Roger for last night's tasty root beer floats. What a treat!


susan said...

you poor things..oh my..we are home now..and its darn hot!!!fans are just blowing hot air..sorry to hear you have to rough it..
sue, doug and tucker

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Enjoying your blog and pictures.
Safe travels!

Randy and Pam

Sarah K said...

Looks like you are having the best time ever! It's so neat to read about your adventures... The LMBC says hi!